Devlog – Unity Collaboration

For Unity collaboration, I decided to go with GitHub and the GitHub for Unity extension Git helps millions of developers write and collaborate on code, but it’s not always a practical choice for building games. With the GitHub for Unity extension, Unity game developers (artists and programmers alike) can better integrate Git and GitHub into their workflow, even if they’re […]

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Devlog 6

This week, we are given our own tutorial projects to do. I chose one of the tutorials provided by Unity called Space Shooter. It plays in a 2D format using 3D models in the game. I wanted to try out the whole tutorial first and then add some additions on my own. The tutorial uses […]

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Devlog 5

Week 5 was the continuation of the artillery launcher game. I’ve found the reason for my character to not explode. It was due to a typo in the Collision script. The rest was very straight forward till the end, Where I can’t get the UI to show “congratulations”.

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Devlog 4

Week 4 was on building the artillery launcher game. The steps on the PDF is simple enough to follow. I used a nested if statement to set up the shooting time of the projectile from the launcher and to target the player. I also used AddForce function to increase the projectile speed and force. A […]

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Devlog 3

Week 3 was about instantiating Prefabs using code. We started with making infinite stairs by using ‘for’ loops in the code. Next adding a 1st person character camera and controls to access the stairs as a character. This practice assignment was easy enough to follow. Then I used what I have learned in to make a robot army […]

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